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about us

ONUP Platform is a non-governmental organization, which promotes the exchange of information and discussion among architects, urbanists and other professionals involved to enrich the public’s awareness for contemporary architecture and urban environment in general.



  • Improve the environment of architecture through proper public advocacy, focusing on urban realities and the ever changing urban conditions in Kosovo.
  • Bringing together the public and professionals of architecture, urbanism and other professionals to cultivate new ideas, stimulate discussions, and improve the quality of the built environment.
  • This platform aims to be a guide for the foreign public, by concerning the needs and potentials of Kosova architecture and urban environment.


ONUP was founded in 2009, with its first online publication ONUP Magazine ( /, bringing a theoretical approach to the architecture and urban realities of Kosovo, publishing independent information about developments in the field of architecture, followed by publications of local projects, architect profiles, and various architectural events.


blog updates

ONUP Talks is debuting on its first edition, as an architecture symposium organized by ONUP Platform with the support of the Kosovar Ministry of Diaspora, on a series of talks by well-known Kosovan architects and artists living and working all around the world. More >>